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Belmont Green is an exciting place to work, whether it is within one of the head office functions (such as capital markets, finance, IT or HR) or for the specialist mortgage lending brand Vida Homeloans, dealing with mortgage intermediaries in a variety of sales and operational roles. For more information about our business culture and values, please visit ‘About us’.
About Us

We are a team of experienced mortgage professionals who have come together to create an award-winning specialist mortgage lender, Vida Homeloans, which distributes its products exclusively via intermediaries.

We are building a successful, sustainable and responsible lending business by understanding, respecting and responding to the needs of all our stakeholders, helping our customers by providing well-researched and well-designed products and services to meet their needs. We are developing various market opportunities, building a proposition that challenges the status quo, and we are ambitious in our growth plans. Could you see yourself working here?


Company statement

Belmont Green is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all staff, and potential staff.

The principles of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity apply in the way staff treat visitors, clients, customers, suppliers and former staff members. We want to create a working environment where all individuals can make the best use of their skills, free from discrimination or harassment, and where all decisions are based purely on merit.

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Having been here for 3 years, I can say that Belmont Green is one of the most enjoyable companies I have ever worked for. People are thoughtful, respectful and responsive and there is always the sense that we can achieve anything if we all work together positively towards the same goal.