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Belmont Green is a specialist lender for customers who fall outside the criteria of mainstream lenders, for example Buy to Let investors, the self-employed and customers with multiple jobs. Our products (which are structured on a risk-based tiered pricing model) are designed to be prudent, cautious and deliver good customer outcomes.

Belmont Green’s lending is secured on residential properties only, covering both owner-occupier and Buy to Let investors. Customers typically have some element of complexity in their personal circumstances or, in the case of Buy to Let, their investment strategies. We distribute our products solely through mortgage intermediaries using the Vida brand and do not provide advice to customers.

Belmont Green’s proposition is criteria driven, using a combination of technology and people to derive an understanding of the customer and their mortgage needs. All applications are reviewed by experienced and trained underwriters who ultimately make the lending decision. Belmont Green’s goal is to provide a high level of service to the intermediary and the customer for the entire mortgage journey through a combination of criteria, people and technology.

Vida Homeloans

Belmont Green lends to customers who fall outside the criteria of mainstream lenders via our specialist mortgage lending brand, Vida Homeloans.
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Key facts

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Our business culture

The Belmont Green team operates within a cultural framework that clearly sets out expected behaviours and values with an emphasis on conduct, good customer outcomes, and long-term sustainability. The culture is driven from the top and is approved and adopted by both the Board and the Executive Committee.

The expected behaviours are as follows:

  • Understand — Take time to listen, understand and empathise
  • Respect — Respect diversity, value different opinions and welcome challenges
  • Respond — Be professional and have a ‘can do’ attitude, especially when responding to a challenge

The goal is to create an environment where people take time to understand and listen to others, whether they are colleagues or internal/external stakeholders. We want our people to value every opinion and avoid making assumptions.

Our business values in depth

Our values guide the strategy, prioritisation and decision-making in the business.
We focus on responsibly fulfilling customers’ needs
We are helpful, accurate and quick. We aim to get things right first time
Become better every day by making continuous improvements to products and processes
We invest in our business to safeguard our future and remain financially strong
We co-operate closely with our colleagues and internal/external stakeholders

Vida Homeloans

We are building a successful, sustainable and responsible specialist mortgage lending business through understanding, respecting and responding to the needs of all our customers and stakeholders.
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Vida Homeloans lends to customers who fall outside the criteria of mainstream lenders, with loans being secured on residential properties only, covering both owner-occupiers and buy to let investors. Customers typically have some element of complexity in their personal circumstances or their investment strategies. Examples include:

  • The self-employed and business owners
  • Freelancers and contractors
  • People with multiple jobs
  • British citizens living or working outside the UK
  • Buy to Let investors with a portfolio of properties

Products and criteria designed to meet the needs of underserved customers

There are a growing number of market segments where mortgage borrowers do not qualify for mainstream mortgages because there is some complexity in their circumstances which requires deeper understanding and analysis before making a lending decision. Vida Homeloans has focussed on designing products to meet the needs of customers in these market segments

Intermediary distribution

Vida Homeloans distributes its mortgages exclusively through the intermediary market. Vida Homeloans uses a wide range of capabilities to reach intermediaries including, but not limited to a regionally based sales force, a head office-based call centre, proactive social media and marketing campaigns, representation at trade shows / industry events, and thought leadership on a range of industry topics

Service and technology

Vida Homeloans aims to differentiate itself from its competitors by the service it provides to customers through intermediaries, combining modern technological solutions with an intelligent human underwriting process.

Two key customer segments at the heart of Vida’s business

The customer wants to either purchase or remortgage their primary residence. The specialist requirement is driven by complexity in income, credit history, the property itself, or other complexities, requiring human evaluation and judgement.

Buy to Let Investors
The customer is an investor renting out the property for investment purposes. The specialist requirements are driven by matters such as complexity in the investment strategy.

Corporate social responsibility

Belmont Green’s focus on building a successful, sustainable and responsible specialist mortgage lending business extends to supporting the two main communities which it serves, namely the UK mortgage industry and the local area around our head office.
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