Our Purpose

We are a mortgage lending specialist with a purpose to proactively ‘help people move forward in life’. Working exclusively with expert intermediary partners, under the brand name of Vida, we combine human expertise in credit underwriting with a technology enabled customer experience, helping customers who are typically ignored by the high street banks.

By delivering against our purpose in the longer term, we are building a safe and sustainable business and gradually realising our long term growth ambition to become the UK’s most trusted mortgage lender.


We judge our success as an organisation not only by our commercial performance but by how we act for the common good. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) plan forms an integral part of successfully delivering the overall strategic agenda of the business and is a core component of the ‘Vida Culture’ Strategic Programme.

ESG Vision and Approach

As a lender offering products to underserved borrowers, Belmont Green has always been conscious of its wider social impact. Consideration of ESG issues is embedded in the work we do and the way in which we operate on a daily basis throughout our business.

We approach our ESG responsibilities through a focus on 6 key priorities where we can have most impact and will be able to actively drive positive change, whilst building on our existing values:


  1. Achieving Net Zero Operations (primarily through our actions but acknowledging that initially we will need to use carbon credits to offset residual emissions)
  2. Helping Customers to become more ‘green’ by improving the EPC ratings of their property
  3. Partnering with the community and fostering a culture in our organisation which reflects the Vida Values
  4. Being a socially responsible business
  5. Effecting responsible decision making across the business
  6. Being Diverse and Inclusive within our organisation
  7. We ensure that equal priority is given to each of the Environmental, Social and Governance aspects in our ESG Plan; the interplay between all 3 being critical to ensuring achievement of our goals. We believe that no one element is more important than another.

Community Involvement

As part of our business culture, Belmont Green seeks to understand, respect and respond to the needs of all our stakeholders within the mortgage industry, particularly charities that work in partnership to fund those who are not able to afford their own home. Given the location of our head office, the company also regularly responds to the needs of the Staines-upon-Thames community through supporting charities aimed at helping local people.

We encourage our people to volunteer by giving one day of paid leave to everyone to enable them to volunteer during work hours. Employees can choose to use their volunteering time to support a charity or community group of their own choice and the firm aims for at least 20% of employees to take up the volunteering day.

We have partnered up with the charity Crisis and  committed to donate £150k over a 3 year period and over and above fundraising, we are raising awareness of homelessness and support Crisis in achieving their ambitions to end homelessness.


We also continue to support local community around our head office in Staines-upon-Thames through our connection with MidasPlus. MidasPlus supports individuals with physical or learning difficulties who are suffering financial hardship and demonstrate a need that cannot be fulfilled elsewhere.